Great example of an e-tivity -- a few thoughts

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I really like this e-tivity. Good use of a catalyst resource (video) to trigger reflection and establish the building blocks leading to the practice story.

A few thoughts as I was reading this e-tivity:

  • In the learning action outcomes -- would it be useful to include a concrete output with more scaffholding / guidance for the learner? For example a 300 word blog post (eg feedback on the literature they found useful, or a first draft of one or two paragraphs which can be refined later for inclusion in the narrative for the practice story.) I've found public reflections useful in the open online course we've hosted and is also a mechanism for encouraging peer-learning and pacing.
  • I was not sure what literature I should be looking for -- I was expecting a little more guidance on the scope and purpose of the mini literature search. How many articles, what should I do with the links I find etc. Is this linked to the summative assessment? For example, learner may be required to submit an annotated bibliography of a specified number of sources they found useful or interesting.
  • Have you thought about including the use of microblog posts within the activities. For example sharing thoughts on the video reflection or observations from the chat with colleagues.
Mackiwg (talk)12:18, 20 May 2013