Great content project! Well done

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Hi Everyone,

I've been observing your content project on Deforestation -- great OER project! Well done.

A few thoughts which may help you along:

  • Nice pic of the Orangutan -- however its an all rights reserved copyright and the rights owner has said we are not allowed to use the image. (Sorry -- not my decision :-). However, you may find a substitute on the wikicommons -- all free content which we are allowed to use. See:
  • There is a neat trick -- if you use the identical file name of a Wikicommons image -- it will automaticaly pull into WikiEducator with all the attribution information. If you wanted to insert this image: -- you simply need to use the following syntax [[image:Zoo_z02.jpg]] (note the identical file name. The magic will happen in front of your eyes.
  • As the structure of your resource evolves it may become too complex for the current navigation template you're using. You may want to consider using this template instead which gives you more flexibility to structure the online materials: Wikieducator_tutorial/Navigation_templates/Templates_for_structured_content. Here is an example of the template in action - Wikieducator_tutorial/Developing_a_teaching_resource

Have fun with your editing -- great progress!!!


Mackiwg (talk)10:57, 29 September 2009

Hi Wayne, Thanks for the encouragement and helpful hints. We are trying really hard to produce something worthwhile and fits in wih your vision so to have some encouragement from you means a lot to me.

The navigation template was well worth a look. I liked the double tier running across the top where we could put module and teacher notes links side next to each other. Copyright is so frustrating!!! Oh well, back to editing and checking wikimedia commons for image replacements



Whaeatina (talk)12:00, 29 September 2009

No worries

Glad I could help -- yeah Copyright is frustrating, which is why its so important for us to ensure the development and creation of free alternatives. This way we are part of creating a better and more sustainable world!


Mackiwg (talk)12:38, 29 September 2009