Great blueprint for a significant first year course

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I'm very chuffed to see a first-year level Psychology course among the OERu prototypes - -especially since Psychology is a top ten major in the US. The Open Polytechnic's experience as an ODL institution is very evident in the blueprint. I really like the integration and weighting of the lab report which does justice to an applied psychology course.

A few clarifying questions and thoughts:

  • Can you provide a explanatory / clarifying sentence on what a "stage-point checklist" is? Is this more than a checklist of the major activities and concepts cover in a particular section (not suggesting that it needs to be more -- just wondering).
  • In the assessment model:
    • Not sure what learning outcomes, 1, 2 and 3 refer to. I assume they're the bullets listed under learning outcomes / graduate profile. If so would be better to use a numbered list (use "#" instead of "*" in wiki text.)
    • Would be useful to get a sense of the anticipated number and scope of the MCQ quizzes, for example 4 quizzes of 50 items each or 2 quizzes of 100 items each and anticipated assessment points -- ie will these be spread evenly over the duration of the course, or focus on the intro / foundation learning phases.
    • I assume the essay and short answer assessment under "exam conditions" would be a proctored challenge exam (which is fine). Would I be correct in assuming that this will take place after the learner has completed the course?
    • I'm wondering whether some of the activities (eg the reflective journal the team are considering) could be incorporated into the research and lab report. These could be earmarked portfolio activities which provide scaffolding in preparing learners for the final research report and a mechanism to emphasise and recognise the importance of the preparatory work during the the learning journey. Need not be much -- eg 10% - 15% of the research report. That said, you may already have this included in your thinking. In the absence of research data -- my gut feel says that a strategy like this may increase the conversion rate from OERu free-learning to learners who would like to present themselves for formal assessment.
    • Regarding the pass mark - are you saying the the sub-minimum requirement is 40% for all assessments and an average mark of 50% is required to pass the course?
  • I may have missed this - but will this course run in parallel mode (with full-tuition registered students at the OP) or as a standalone OERu course?

Looking good -- glad the OP is on the team :-)

Mackiwg (talk)20:26, 20 March 2012