Good idea to incorporate worksheet handouts!

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Hey -- I really like the idea of incorporating pupil worksheets in these materials, particularly associating this with a visual image on the page.

The disadvantage with this deployment is that teachers will not have the ability to refine or adapt the handout. So I've been thinking about how we could implement this in WE.

  • Download a copy of open office -- . It's free software and does a good job of importing word files etc.
  • Save the file you import as .odt (The opendocument format and default format for Open Office.)
  • With open office you get a free pdf export feature -- export your file as a pdf.
  • Most graphic packages will import a pdf -- which will enable you to generate an image from the pdf for showing on the page -- say in jpeg, or png formats.
  • Upload both the Open Office (ODT format) -- to be used by teachers to edit the worksheet if they need to.
  • Upload the pdf version for printing.

We could develop a template which shows the image of the worksheet and links to the pdf and odt files in the caption for the image.

Just a thought.

Mackiwg (talk)07:10, 16 February 2008