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The discussion of what good hair is, is one that is sensitive to some and a load of nonsense to others. What really is good hair?, glistening straightened hair?, kinky natural hair? or perhaps a fixed weave on one's head? All these are different types of hair that when the head that any of these types of hair is fixed on and or naturally grown on can offer conflicting views and definitions of what good hair is or could be.

Straightened hair[edit]

This hair is straight, it could have been treated with chemicals and it sometimes can be naturally straight depending on one's ethnicity. Could it be a determinant of good perhaps, because it is straight?

Kinky natural hair[edit]

This is my hair, the African child's hair that when you decide to sleep, you have to ensure that the hair is plaited in blocks so that the next morning it does not shrink and cause a battle for a comb to go through.


This is other people's hair that is ridiculously expensive depending on the quality of the hair. The exorbitant prices are on what is called the Brazilian hair and the human hair, these hair are shaved off from people's heads, these heads are of Caucasian ethnic groups then sold to clients who are of various races that prefer lengthy and unreal hair.

All these are various hair types that could either be good or bad and the criteria of good or bad is not on the basis of race or ethnicity but rather the hygienic aspect of. The daily care that any of these types of hair is given and the products used are very important in the nurturing of healthy looking and growing hair. That is the description of good hair, hair that is clean, well maintained and simply good looking. They say cleanliness is close to godliness, I don't know who they are but I would agree with them that there is nothing better than clean and good smelling hair that one can easily stroke through with their hand without the filthiness of dandruff accumulating in one's nails and the stench that comes with it. So, natural kinky hair that is not damaged but healthy and clean is good hair, so is treated straightened hair and weaves.

Elfi (talk)08:24, 25 April 2014