General planning discussions for OERu 2013.11

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Please post any general discussion items for the planning of OERu 2013.11 by clicking on the reply button below.

Mackiwg (talk)13:43, 22 March 2013

What are the goals of OERu? Is its purpose to provide a degree path for learners?

What are the goals of the larger OERu group?

What are people working on within the OERu community?

Lgraham (talk)02:55, 27 March 2013

Hi Lorri

Good questions -- thanks for posting.

The aim of the OERu is to provide free learning opportunities for all students worldwide using courses based solely on OER with pathways to achieve credible degrees. As a philanthropic collaboration our goal is to provide more affordable education opportunities especially for learners currently excluded from the formal education sector.

Yes, the intention is to provide a degree path for learners. At the first meeting of founding anchor partners we agreed to work towards a Bachelor of General Studies (or similar credential.)

A key principle of engagement in the OERu network is that anchor partners retain decision-making autonomy relating to the operationalisation of the OERu at the local institution. Therefore, with reference to pathways for credentials anchor partners are free to nominate additional credentials. (See for example the Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education, a full credential submitted by Otago Polytechnic that will be offered as part of the OERu network.)

As a network, we need to continue discussions and sharing of ideas regarding the goals of the larger group -- this is an open and dynamic process and perhaps this is an important item for inclusion in the agenda for our next meeting. I'm keen to host an open online seminar on strategic priorities for the OERu network -- which will provide inputs into our discussions at the next meeting.

With reference to what people are doing within the OERu community I think this is an area for improvement. We need to do a better job of sharing what our partners are doing. Do you have any ideas or thoughts on how to we can get a better sense of what folk are doing?

Mackiwg (talk)08:44, 27 March 2013