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Hi All,

Gender equality means a fair and equal distribution of opportunities, responsibilities, income/wages, treatment, as well as decision making opportunities between both sexes in work, community or family life. The criteria for distribution should be based on capacities/abilities, intellect, and qualifications and not on societal expectations, tradition or stereotypes e.g. from the examples stated yesterday, of a man and woman having the same workload in the office, and the man earns higher because of the belief that he is the Head of the Home and ‘Provider’, when this happens, it raises issues of gender equality.

On the issue of gender equality, I would also like to highlight another issue on equal treatment, because it is often very subtle and may go unnoticed; Sometimes women in decision making positions may not be given equal respect by male subordinates, in comparison with their male counterpart, because of the perceived notion that a woman should be under the authority of a man. This also plays out in business, where men may prefer doing business with other each other rather than with a woman, because of the belief that men make better business partners, this also affects women in enterprise.

Gender norms/values and stereotype are those beliefs, ideas and ideals that guides societal expectations of the roles and responsibilities, of each sex. In my own understanding, gender norms/values and stereotypes are sometimes the underlying reasons why gender equality issues are common in the work place and in the community.

Shining Star (talk)01:23, 10 March 2011