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hello i am judy from kenya. i am amazed taht you have 20 years of experience in writing i would love to get a few pointers regarding

  1. good and free or affordable places to learn
  2. about the masters program in freelance and writing



Judywawira (talk)05:57, 3 October 2009

Hello Judy

I'm amazed it's 20 years as well. How did I get to be this old?! Anyway, earning a living through writing was a combination of luck and taking a big leap to just have a go. I suggest you try and get a few things published in subjects where you have some inside knowledge. From a quick peek at your user page, I see you obviously have a lot of interesting experience - you must have some great stories to tell. Or use WikiEducator as a place to experiment and to learn from others. The Masters in elearning that I am hoping to start is at Edinburgh University but there are lots of similar ones. I offer coaching for people who want to brush up their writing skills for work, but I'm afraid I have to charge for that. Here are a couple of sites that might be useful:

Good luck


JaneBr (talk)07:24, 3 October 2009