Foundations of Distance Education Research

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Reserach is one of the most important tasks of the Universities. But unfortunately it takes back seat in our country.

I have recently conducted survey for my doctoral work. Some of the problems I encountered through this process.

1. Accurate Data is a MYTH:The enrollment data (for 25 years) is not consistent. From our University, I have gone through the four published books. Expect the starting year, no two works can be be compared. If I take again from the primary source, my work may be fifth dimension.

2. Administring questionnaire is a biggest challenge. Understanding questionnaire, filling it properly, why I should fill?, what is the benefit I am going to get?, after all, so many surveys conducted, I have given my opinions so many times, who are there to take your ideas? so and so forth....

Emanphd (talk)22:11, 14 August 2008

Dear eMan,
Good points, as far as research is concerned. You are pointing towards research culture. In fact, the situation is bad because of poor quality researchers and poor research work. So, if we all can do honest research work things would improve. As for attitude toward questionnaire, I can tell you that 90% questionnaires are designed poorly without relevance to the objectives... So, the problems lies somewhere else...



Missan (talk)00:23, 15 August 2008