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This looks great!

You need a safety note up front. These dishes will mold and should not be opened (allergies).

Pictures: Give each figure a caption (Figure 1. Brief description of what we should learn from this photo). You can then refer to the photos by number in text (Fig 1)

Content covered: Scientific method; experimental design can both be added

Materials: You need cheap alternatives. Make the seed list less specific and then list what you used

Labeling: Change the dish 1, dish2, dish 3, to the names of the treatments: Water, no water.... or whatever you had

...if their hypothesis was correct or incorrect; rephrase to supported or rejected.

Pitfalls: AmountStrike-through text replace with volume

Literature citations: Please give a complete citation for each

This is looking very good. Dmccabe 04:01, 9 February 2009 (UTC)

Dmccabe (talk)16:01, 9 February 2009