Final edits; Friday deadline

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Hi folks,

this is looking good. Some final edits are needed to wrap this up.

I love the handouts - I'd love them even more if you converted them to PNG files so that they could embed a thumbnail in the wiki page. Have you tried?

You have a strong earth science connection - why not find an earth science standard to link with?

And hey, I love the video!


Final Edits[edit]

Some tags were automatically added to your new page when it was established. Once you have made changes in response to the editorial suggestions you should remove them. Once they have been removed your assignment will be graded.

Tags to remove[edit]

Edit your page; turn off the rich text option and remove the following pieces of text: ''{{WIP}}'' ''{{S@W}}'' Once those tags have been removed, it will signal to others that you have made your contribution, and that they are welcome to modify your page and improve upon it.

Common mistakes section[edit]

If you have not already removed this section, do so now.

Dmccabe (talk)14:39, 12 April 2010