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Thank You for the detailed feedback. Some of my personal thoughts about your comments and questions in the same order,

Mockup for submitting / registering an assignment:

  1. I will keep this in mind.
  2. Yes, or we could redirect them to the login page and then back once they are logged in.
  3. Prepopulating the URL's would be possible if unique tags are used for each user and activity. A simple way to avoid wrong URL's could be to show the content of the given URL and ask the user whether the content is correct after checking the opt-in for evaluation button.
  4. Yes, I had thought of it as a page that would mainly explain what peer evaluation is, including the requirements and workings. It will also need to contain the Terms of Service and associated legal aspects which I'm not much aware of.
  5. I agree that there should be this option in case the learner later decides that he does not want to spend time on evaluation or does not want to be judged.
  6. I did not include self evaluation in the UI mockups. We could also ask the learner to evaluate his own activity also in addition to evaluating the peers. We could then use it both for the grade and also to improve the "karma system".
  7. Some prototype activities would be very useful for the project. There will be a lot to learn and iterate from using it in some activities of the OCL4Ed course.

Screen listing assigned evaluations: Yes, I think displaying the due dates and times in the user's time zone would help learners in completing the evaluations in time.

Evaluation submission screen:

  1. I think we could simply open the link in a new tab and perhaps display a pop-up message so that they do not get lost.
  2. If the user checks No, the remaining items should not appear and instead we could show a comment box asking the reason.
  3. We could provide a link, or if it is short enough we could display it along with the questions itself.
  4. I agree.

Do we need Mockup screens for:

  • Yes, We need to give a thought on the transparency of ratings. I am not sure that whether we should show the evaluator's identity, but we do need to show the detailed evaluation in order to get feedback on them and for evaluee to flag them in case he disagrees with it. I agree that prototyping and then asking real learners would be the best strategy.
  • Yes, I agree that we should provide it.

In my opinion, the best person to answer and debate about some of these and other aspects of Peer Evaluation would be OERu educators and course moderators/supervisors who have an experience with MOOC's or plan the conduct some in the future. A response from more OERu educators about some of these aspects would be extremely valuable to the project.

Akash Agarwal (talk)02:38, 21 May 2014