Feedback on first milestone

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Hi Helena,

I've scanned the pre-workshop logistics revisions and this is looking good. Initial feedback:

  • I'm wondering whether we shouldn't "brand" the OER toolkit as a "Learning4Content" resource. I'm planning to develop a visual identity for the Learning4Content project, i.e. developing a brochure and corresponding graphic. This can then be used across all the relevant pages, slideshow backgrounds etc. If we go this route - we may need to edit out OER Workshop and replace this with "Learning4Content".
  • I like the pre-workshop activity - will you take a look and see if the questions can be categorised. I'm thinking of using an input form feature which will preload the questions. It may be that not all questions are relevant to all people - similarly, I wouldn't want to "scare" folk away with a long list of questions in the pre-load form. What do you think?

Your work on the WikiMaster typology was the trigger I needed to get me thinking critically about this typology and how it would potentially map to the 3 workshop formats. So I've done quite a bit of editing on this - hope you're OK with my changes. This "competency" framework should make it easier to map to different workshop formats, eg half day, full-day etc. I would appreciate if:

  • You could read through this from an editorial perspective - be bold and change as needed.
  • Map the outcomes to the OER workshop toolkit to see that we have activities that cover the outcomes.

Hope this helps & chat to you soon. Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)18:16, 20 November 2007