Feedback from Wollongong

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Hi Sandra,

BIG thanks for this extremely valuable feedback. It emphasizes the need for clear articulation of the intended learning outcomes of OERu courses and demonstrates the value of an open design blueprint process.

I think the MATH131/132 courses envisaged as a contribution by Wollongong would be a valuable edition to the suite of OERu courses currently on the table.

So what's interesting is whether there will be any sub-units or components where there might be overlap -- read the ability to reuse OER resources.

This process will also enrich our networks tacit knowledge and experience in how we can map courses and curricula on a global qualifications framework or competency matrix (without presuming any paradigmatic preference ;-))

Exciting times - -we're making the future happen!

Mackiwg (talk)20:17, 21 March 2012