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I really like the list of theories and wonder if they should be given the information in the IBSA workbook first since it is such a great overview. What do you think?

The link to - University of Washington eproject, 2003, Instructional design approaches, University of Washington, viewed August 2012 - does not work - is it this one? If so, this would be better in with Terry's topic in Unit 3 once they have been introduced to the concept of instructional/educational design.

  • Are you planning to reformat the list under Now Explore? Perhaps we need to discuss whether we have a section called: Resources to Explore, and the option to explore them is situated in the Activities template. What do you think?

Are you going to have Kolb and Honey & Mumford in Learner characteristics - Unit 1? --Bronwyn Hegarty 04:45, 23 April 2013 (UTC)

Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)17:45, 23 April 2013

Your suggestions are all good, At the moment I am just putting what I think might be appropriate content on the page and welcome suggestions to move it around - The IBSA workbook does seem to be a good overview I will promote it, and yes I did think the instructional design approaches would be better elsewhere. The "now explore" stuff should probably go into a resources page which I am compiling here: [[1]]

Thanks for suggestions

HelenL (talk)12:02, 24 April 2013