Facilitation considerations in Financial Management Training Delivery

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Hello Everyone,

Knowledge of Financial Management is very important for business success and all discussions have revealed this fact. The importance of Financial Management to the success of the youth entrepreneur should guide the facilitator in the delivery of the entrepreneurship training. Consideration in my own opinion should first be given to time allocation. The facilitator should ensure that enough time is given for the delivery of the session on Financial Management.

Also, ‘Practice makes perfect’ and so I agree that the participants will learn better when they are given opportunities for practical experience. Therefore, the need to incorporate practical lessons in training sessions should also be considered by facilitators. Field visits to established and new businesses will be of benefit to the trainees. In addition, facilitators can also introduce a role play with the active participation of the trainees, especially when it may not be possible to embark on field trips.

Shining Star (talk)00:25, 25 February 2011