Expression of interest: Moodle in the Commonwealth

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I am interested in the "Moodle in the Commonwealth" project.

  • I would use web searching and social networking to draft a list of relevant institutions using Moodle.
  • I would put together a short survey of institution that are (and, if desired, are not) using Moodle. I've done surveying for higher education assessment purposes in the past.
  • I would compile a list of existing Moodle support materials that are available as free content.
  • In addition, if this would be interesting, I could map a draft curriculum outline for faculty training and support.

I am best reached by email.

SteveFoerster (talk)16:58, 20 November 2007

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your interest in this bounty. Clearly we have two adequately qualified WikiEducators to assist with this bounty.

I'm also interested in the additional bullet you have specified referring to mapping a draft curriculum for faculty training and support in Moodle.

Rather than splitting this bounty, I'm thinking that we may run the mapping exercise in parallel with the Moodle in the Commonwealth Bounty.

It would be great if you and Sanjaya could work in parallel on these two objectives.

I'll start drafting TORs for you both to consider.

Mackiwg (talk)16:58, 20 November 2007

Hi Steve,

We've decided to accept a parallel bounty along the lines you have proposed. Thanks for your submission. We would like you to

  • Prepare a draft curriculum outline for professional development of new Moodle users - well rooted in the pedagogy of eLearning.
  • To liaise with Sanjaya in the design of relevant items in the questionnaire to help identify the availability of free content materials that can support this PD.
  • To map available resources to the proposed curriculum outline.

Thanks for your interest in our project.


Mackiwg (talk)08:22, 16 December 2007