Executive Committee

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Agreed again. Elected Council is the only legitimate body that i recognize and totally condemn all other de facto or de jure entities.

Minhaaj (talk)10:17, 5 October 2008

I am also questioning the need for an executive committee separate to the elected council. And who will decide the membership of the executive committee? I would not like to see a clustering of people who have similar viewpoints making all the important decisions - we need dissenting opinions to keep us honest.

Along with Leigh and others I would like to see the first meeting used to discuss the draft governance policy with the aim of ratifying a policy that all the elected council members are comfortable with, discussion around the need for an executive committee, and also agreement on the policy regarding secondment of nominated non-elected members of the council - even if one or two people are not happy with this I feel we must reach consensus before making this a firm policy.

I would like to see all decisions being reached by consensus rather than majority vote. Philosophically I would hate to see the methods of the minority world dominate our council in the same way as they have dominated and damaged the majority world. I am afraid that if we cannot agree on these basics then the whole scenario becomes a farce!

Bronwynh (talk)10:31, 6 October 2008