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Dear All,
Would you like to concept of "Full Voting Members" and "Associate Members" as indicated earlier by me? Is it practically possible, given the kind of technology we have with Wiki?
Well, if at all we are going for election of any kind/position, then we should not follow the closed ballet system used often in democracies. To me this is a system that is manipulative and allows lot of hidden activities. In a truly open system, we should exhibit open election, where, members just post their chooices in a discussion environment like this during a defined period. Let's create a new World Order by changing the notion of democracies. Till now, it is the voice of those having already the power. In academia, it is the voice of the powerful. Collective open voice is limited in true deomcracies to a large extent. At least this is true to Asia. With WikiEd, we are going to see a new revolution, if access to e-technology increases in the developing world at a fast rate as expected. So, we should go for only open election.

The idea of having a constituecy of youth is also good to consider.

Thanks to Wayne and Steve for their thoughts.

Regards, Sanjaya

Missan (talk)02:33, 30 October 2007