Excellent blueprint -- thoughts and reflections

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Dear Ndagire

Thank you for the great feedback. I agree we should make sure that we have the reflective dimension included. Tony Mays will be managing the development and I will ensure that he includes this.

The issue of internet access and cost is indeed worrying. Interestingly enough, from the recent ICT survey conducted at Unisa it seems that access and infrastructure is much less of an issue than the exorbitant cost of access in South Africa. I am afraid there is no ready solution to this and we will just have to wait for the cost to decrease (of which there are definitely already signs). The best we can do is to prepare ourselves to have OER resources in place and try to limit the amount of bandwidth and data that needs to be downloaded as part of our resources.

Kind Regards


Liz Archer (talk)18:50, 30 March 2012