Evaluation Plan

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HI Kevin and Jon

Your evaluation plan sounds very good and should be a great help to your teaching and for studentlearning in the future.  I can understand the difficulty getting past students to evaluate their learning on a survey tool as usually they are "gone with the wind" as theymake their way with their careers.  I particularly liked your data collection matrix.  I thought that was a great innovation.  Bronwyn's suggestion of triangulation of methods using Gratton and Jones is helpful to us all.  We thought it was great coming from a sporting background but research methods are the same regardless of what field you are engaged in.   Good luck in bringing your plan fully to its completion.  There is a lot of work in spelling out an idea so that it is clear to others. Dana and I have found that quite a challenge.  Go well.  Louise

Lrummel (talk)15:58, 1 October 2010