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Dear all,

Sorry to join the training at such a late stage, I was in the field and on the road for over three weeks and had no internet connectivity. I hope it will be in order to join.

On this question, I have had experiences not necessary a work place but have worked with people who were HIV positive. The first experience I had was at a former working place (an NGO) I had been given an assignment of attending a meeting/workshop where various people and organizations would be present and I will always remember this experience as it was the first time I had been exposed to such a scenario from someone I hardly knew. Upon attending this workshop I sat down next to a gentleman and we started talking and he just out rightly told me in our local language ‘mwaiche, ifwe kaliyaka, ifwe tula toppinga’ meaning ‘young person, I am HIV positive and I take ARVs’. I was shocked because no one had ever come out so openly about their status and from that day we have been good friends. A second experience I had was when I had gone for practical training as requirement for a psyco social counselling course some two years ago. I was doing my practicals at a local peri urban clinic and one of the counsellors revealed his status during the counselling session of a client.

In my former work place, yes there were colleagues I suspected was HIV positive but never got confirmation.

In every work place there is always corridor talks about people who are living with the virus and usually it is not pleasant. However, the ever growing trends of workplace HIV & AIDS policies have reduced some of the evil vices.


Mwaba (talk)10:33, 15 March 2011
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HIV/AIDS is one key vice that is inflicting on human kind and impacting negative on almost all the developmental agenda that is realized through human intervention and effort are evolved.

Suspecting my friends at a workplace has been always the first thing that we do even though we may not confirm. Some colleague was continues in and out of hospital. Loosing weight drastically and above all, rash on his body made us all at our work place to conclude before confirming that our colleague might is have been infected.

Work place program include but not restricted to

  1. Wearing t-shirts every Friday depicting AIDS Message
  2. Carryout a sensitization program every after 3months ,with a view of encouraging our staff to go for VCT
  3. Encourage atmosphere that does not discriminate but rather protects every individual based on their capacity to deliver than status
  4. Encourage everyone to realign their thinking to the ideology that if not infected than you are affected
  5. Encourage those who are infected to take A RVs consistently

May God Bless Vic

Isaac.fwemba (talk)18:25, 15 March 2011