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I had an experienced with a colleaque whom later died of the menance. She was doing fine- healthwise, suddenly she started missing work, complaining of malaria and weaknesses. She was an inteligent colleague with high efficiency. However, with the complained, she was still coming to work with little inputs. She started losing weight and losing appetitte. Little did we( colleaques) noticed , until when she was addmitted severally in the hospital that we (colleaques) started talking on the corridor. Some of us suspected and believed while some did not believe. It went on as suspected until a day she shared with us in the office that a senior colleaque advised her to go for HIV test. According to her story, that she has done the test, but could not disclose to us the result. She later became seriously ill and was not longer coming to office, (that was after one and half year). The symtoms came out on her as few did visited and called , that led to more discussion on the corridor. It continued till her death.

Ubandoma (talk)05:50, 15 March 2011