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On experiences, well we only get to know about people living with HIV/AIDS in the workplace when the person falls ill suddenly, often the individual gets admitted in the hospital and may not return to work for a long time, some return and show obvious signs of the illness and try to manage the illness and still contribute at the workplace, while some may lose their lives and never return.

This indicates that victims themselves only become aware of their HIV/AIDS status when they fall ill suddenly and are unable to recover for a long time and so have to be away from work, while the workplace may get informed by the victim's long absence as a result of the illness.

Workplace reaction is usually pity and sadness, people actually feel sad to see a colleague go down with HIV/AIDS, and it is painful to see the physical manifestation of the illness.

Workplace programme in my place of work is not effective; there is a unit in place but no impact.

Shining Star (talk)03:27, 15 March 2011