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Great comments and contributions from you all. Two things are evident from the comments you have all made:

  1. Majority of us know people/colleagues who have suffered from HIV/AIDS and its attendant challenges in the workplace currently or before.
  2. the disease have (in some way) affected their work/productivity
  3. a lot of talk about HIV/AIDS in the work place are indeed "corridor talks", gossips, or assumptions. Most of theses are indeed derogatory.

What i have noticed is the fact that most of you have even shied away from mentioning the exact words people have used.

Almost ALL of us are then affected by HIV/AIDS. Our colleagues being infected or affected by HIV/AIDS can have a great impact on their productivity, our perceptions and thinking, and eventually, our productivity too. Let us consider these impacts in the next discussions even as we continue to share our experiences under this topic.

Victor.mensah (talk)20:38, 15 March 2011