Does HIV and AIDS affect the ability of the individual to work?

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Dear class, in the nut-shell, the question was, "does HIV/AIDS (or for that matter any illness) affect the ability of people to work?".

Almost all members have responded in the affirmative so far. The caviat however is whether the effect is so debilitating and so negatively constant that we NOTHING can be done about it. This question was just a teaser and allows us to explore "what impact HIV/AIDS has on businesses" and WHAT interventions businesses should take to ensure that:

  • Businesses still are sustainable
  • Businesses still maintain a humane side

firstly, let us discuss our experiences of

  1. persons with HIV/AIDS at the workplace (no names or companies please), and
  2. workplace programmes we are aware of
Victor.mensah (talk)04:01, 15 March 2011