Do we need a summary of the pedagogical approach?

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I think this course guide would benefit from a summary of the pedagogical approach before providing an overview of the Assessment.

I think learners would benefit from some pre-knowledge of the learning components of the course. For example, this is the first time I have encountered the journal and it is not immediately clear how the journal differs from the e-portfolio.

I suggest the inclusion of a sub-page summarizing the pedagogical model before outlining the assessment.

On this overview of the assessment model - -we need information on what defines or constitutes a successful pass.

In the design of the course, I would also recommend that the pedagogy is not contingent on AVI support. This is likely to be a popular course. Hypothetically -- what would happen if 5,000 learners decide to participate. The requirement for 1 Skype call would place unnecessary demands on an AVI support base which we cannot guarantee at this time. How many learners can one AVI attend to. The math is not scalable (pardon the pun ;-)) -- assuming a 15 min skype call per learner - with 5000 learners would require 156 working days of resource time.

I think we need to be creative here -- what about designing a peer learning support call and better integration of ask.oeru for this kind of support?

Mackiwg (talk)17:17, 7 August 2012