Do it by flipchart day by day?

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The suggestion last year was to arrange the excursions on-the-fly on the day with a chart (flipchart) to be completed before going to lunch[1]. Something like this:

Day 1

Destination:Place APlace BPlace C
Dep - return:14:00 - 17:0013:30 - 16:3015:00 - 17:30
No. of seats:10128
Sign up:[2]Names of people coming to place A go here. Names of people coming to place B go here.Names of people coming to place C go here.

See the external excursions page for more information.

This is up for discussion on the checklist page (issue "Excursions" under "Daily Schedule").

  1. Meals were dealt with separately from the excursions in 2011. Perhaps this could change?
  2. The leaders of each trip must be present during sign-up and ensure that the numbers work out (people/car). Expect some negotiation.
KTucker (talk)11:21, 27 July 2012