Development meeting 6 November 2008

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To do:

  • Leigh apply the standard to the Tour Guiding course (by 15 November)
  1. Programme Page
  2. Course page - outline, objectives, schedule and support
  3. Activities pages and an RSS resource page
  • Hillary to learn (by 15 November)
  • Hillary to find out about a programme marketing budget (by 15 November)
  • Susan to go through old slide presentations and apply new OP template (start 10 November and within 5 hours)
  1. Hillary to provide Susan with slide presentations that are ready. (Properly attributed and referenced). Hillary also to provide Susan with department template as supplied by Marketing.
  2. Hillary to indicate order of priority for slides to be changed to new template
  3. Susan to change as many slide presentations to the new template as possible, based on allocated 5 hours
  • Hillary and Kevin will clean up Destination and NZ and World Geography series (start 17 November)
  • Hillary to provide Susan with ready slide presentations with order of priority for development.
  • Susan to produce video versions of the Destination and NZ and World Geography series presentations (start 24 November and within 10 hours)
  1. Susan to record audio for Destination and NZ and World Geography series one presentation at a time.
  2. Susan will generate a video version of the presentation according to open standards best practice and provide Hillary with a finished video for each presentation, as well as supporting source media folder.
  3. Susan to work on one presentation at a time and achieve as many finished videos as possible in the allocated 10 hours
Leighblackall (talk)13:30, 6 November 2008