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I like the following article and think it could replace the Collis article. It is more current and covers the what and why and how of flexible learning in an australian context which is relevant to us. see what you think. I like it because it combines the student and teacher perspectives as well as culture, pedagogy and briefly mentions technology. It also challenges the "one size fits all" mentality. :)

Nagy, J. & McDonald, J. (2007). New models for learning flexibility: negotiated choices for both academics and students. Providing choices for learners and learning. Proceedings Ascilite Singapore 2007.

Abstract New models for learning flexibility: Negotiated choices for bothacademics and students ‘Flexible learning’ represents a need associated with ‘lifelong learning’ and the equipping of graduates to actively engage in a ‘knowledge society’. While the precise meaning of each of these terms is not easy to discern, notions of flexible learning have progressed an evolutionary path that concentrates on students as though they are the only stakeholder group in the higher education environment that would benefit from choice. Academic discourse also presumes that all cultural groups making up the increasingly diverse student population aspire to engage in student-centred learning as a precursor to involvement in a knowledge economy. In this environment academics have been encouraged to embrace online teaching and promote a more student-centred learning approach when the natural inclination and talent of many academics may make this style of pedagogy so challenging that learning outcomes are compromised. We question this ‘one size fits all’ mentality and suggest a model that empowers both the students and academics by allowing them the ability to choose the approach that suits their educational philosophy and preferred learning/teaching approach. The model represents an innovation in flexibility that recognises initial embedded learning foundation abilities and reaches both teachers and learners by utilising their own frames of reference.

Bronwynh (talk)13:39, 29 January 2009

Hu? I needed a login to see this PDF.. are you toying with me?

Leighblackall (talk)12:26, 2 February 2009

oops! Try now I have removed the proxy route.

Bronwynh (talk)08:40, 9 February 2009

Thanks, that works now. I gave it a scan but with everyting we need to do to the course schedule, I haven't read it. But it does make me think, why don't you try and get the authors to talk to their work through a web conference. We should probably try and organise that more often as general EDC work, and we can suggest to the Flexible Learning course participants to attend as an "extra" or core activity...

Leighblackall (talk)13:49, 12 February 2009