Development meeting 16 April 2008

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Meeting June 4th - Wiki Format[edit]

Hey Leigh and Susan just a quick summary of our meeting.

We discussed wiki format - changes, editions, navigation issues.


  • Leigh will you take a look at Adventure Tourism so that activities etc can be placed in it. There are also the activities under Tour Guiding - "Podcast" and "google maps and compass" activity which need to be removed and put into Adventure Tourism.
  • Think about Melbourne Conference and send me an email regarding consulting with personal trainer (blog)
  • Susan - make an apppointment with me for next week to look at putting mp3 recordings into wiki and blog - but learning to edit them first. Can you show Lynn where the tutorials for the wiki are - so that she can start them.
  • Hillary - note where any changes need to be made for next meeting. Fill out course schedule for Tour Guiding. Get moving on Adventure Tourism and Work based project. Start blogging lessons with Nicky and Lynn.

Thanks everyone lets meet again week of June 18.

Hillarypjenkins (talk)20:15, 4 June 2008