Development meeting 16 April 2008

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Leigh Has created the schedule subpages and made unit pages consistent with one another. You need to continue with further editions.

Under Tourism Enterprises please fix the link to the blog - it should not be going to Tour Guiding but Tourism Enterprises.

Create a new template for slideshare use.

Susan - has checked references some don't have any attribution and some of the text references are in complete.

Hillary - I will fix the pictures because they were taken by a previous staff member if Susan can complete the references.

Provide Susan with a level descriptor. Clarified that the material she was seeking was for course development. Susan also needs specialty descriptors - although they are in the wiki. Any resources gathered will be put into the Reception Services Resources area (labelled) until they can be moved into the correct area.

I have looked at audio to slideshare and will use it but in more sophisticated form. Will look at Blip.TV further. Susan suggested to renew my interest in the powerpoints we make them more interactive eg. hyperlinks, to text and activities.

Susan - to order Contemporary Tourism book (new to library) and will send a research literature form (audio and multi-media) which she will send to me and I will fill in key word search. Can include material for research work based specialty.

Reply from Trudi in Scotland That said, next year there will probably be a unit about local tourism/Scottish Tourism product. What I would love is to see whether I can find a similar college in a very different part of the world, and set up a couple of BLOGs or a WIKI where the students could exchange local tourism knowledge. It would focus their efforts to gain knowledge if they knew they were going to share it with others. At the same time, if they know the others are students too, it is not threatening.

I would appreciate you sending me a line if you think this is something you would like to co-operate with.

Leigh - I will send a reply back to Trudi saying we would love to cooperate - can you come up with some ideas about the best way for us to do this. (much appreciated)

Hillarypjenkins (talk)15:04, 23 April 2008