Development meeting - 5 8 08

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  • Course will be a combination of Thursday evenings and weekends
  • Need to look at 2 soil types
  • Budget has been adjusted to compensate for losses first time around (less contact hours) suggested at 2.5 hours per session... 10 sessions = 30 hours
  • Jason and Peta will do Wikieducator training
  • Peta is finishing new course schedule with session titles based on topics, paragraph of intro text for each session, a to-do list, and then a list of resources to support the to-do list
  • Leigh and Kim to develop an info pack for students
  • Students wil be added to the Permaculture Design email forum
  • Both practical sessions(zone 1 & 2) will be done at the Living Campus Permagarden again but a visit to one participants garden
  • Leigh to look into signage to be developed for plantings on Polytech grounds (as per Living Campus)
  • Kim to give Leigh account number with finance
  • Jason and Peta to send Kim a materials list for the next course
  • Leigh to organise a wiki workshop for Jason and Peta where their content will be loaded into the wiki and the Polytech resources structure explained.
Leighblackall (talk)19:01, 5 August 2008