Determining the shift from proposed to official workgroup

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As we've not received any disapprovals of the proposed criteria for constituting an official workgroup from the participants of this group, I'm going to incorporate these suggestions into the policy draft.

We requested feedback on these criteria as per my email to workgroup participants on 25 July, requesting feedback by 30 July 2009. I include a copy of the email request below.

Copy of email to workgroup participants of 25 July 2009.

Hi Alison and wiki friends -

BIG thanks Alison for your tireless work and contributions in shaping the outputs for our workgroup on workgroups.

I'm in agreement with all the proposed steps -- lets go for it. Another request -- we're proposing an important change to the current draft of the guidelines document. An important request.

Could participants of our workgroup to take a look and see whether you agree with our emergent thinking with regards to the shift from a "proposed" workgroup to an "official" WE workgroup for community-wide projects.

Early thinking suggested that the Charter for a Work group would need to be approved by the WE Community Council before being constituted as an "official" workgroup for community-wide projects, and therefore "legitimased" to start their work.

This seems impractical and doesn't really fit with the wiki way of doing things. However at the same, we need mechanims to promote transparency and enoucarage wide participation by the community.

Bar the exeptions of workgroups which would have financial, legal or technical implications for the WE community -- I don't see the need for Council approval of the workgroup before being consitituted as an official community workgroup. Council's role is one of governance to ensure transparent and participatory process. So my thinking is if the guidelines/policy contain the minimum standards for transparency and participation -- then work groups can self-organise and get their work done without unessary beuracracy.

To facilitate the process, I've suggested a few criteria which must be met before a workgroup can be deemed an official workgroup. When the policy proposal is finaly presented to Council for approval --- Council checks that due process has been followed -- if not the draft policy is deferred back to the workgroup . Please take a look and see what you think and your thoughts and comments on the relevant talk page.

Here is the guidelines proposal as it stands at the moment. (These guidelines will ultimately become a policy proposal for approval by Council for the functioning of workgroups). Take a look at the section on Initiating a Workgroup:


I've tabled a suggestion for the formal consitution of workgroups on the talk page here under the post "Determining the shift from proposed to official workgroup:

Could you please comment on ore before 30 July whether you agree with the proposed criteria for an official workgroup suggest in disucssion post.

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)13:40, 31 July 2009