Determining the shift from proposed to official workgroup

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Yeah -- it would be great if the Council could operate as an ongoing workgroup.

In some respects, at least at a theoretical level this is possible in that every Council member can sign up and participate in any of WE's workgroups.

The difficulty in the real world is that we're not going to get all Council members to be available at the same time nor will a model where Council participates in everything be able to scale. The ability to support and encourage community members to collaborate in developing our processes, policies etc. is a huge asset for WE.

Similarly -- I suspect that Council will from time to time constitute workgroups for specific purposes of council -- and that's a good thing. These guidelines will also contribute to supporting Council members with less experience in the workgroup process -- while at the same time promoting transparent and participatory practice.

Back to the question -- Are you for or against the proposed criteria for the constitution of an official workgroup suggested above?

Mackiwg (talk)14:30, 25 July 2009