Defining Youth

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Hi Andrew, Thank you for the question I am really loving the discussion and posts from other members. "Smile." Youth is the quality or condition of being young. It is the period between childhood and maturity which is characterized by high energy levels, innovation, and a deep desire to effect change. At this stage, most youth would not have had a lot of commitments that elderly people have, such as taking care of a large family, sorting out bills, debt e.t.c. This gives them the leeway to experiment with life (Both in a positive and negative sense).

Youths have the power to change the world through their actions, choices, and aspirations. I will however be quick to say that the same power can destroy them and society if not properly harnessed and nurtured! Ours is to help them be productive members of soceity. Be-The-Best

Susiku Nasinda (talk)19:53, 15 February 2011