Defining Youth

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Hi class! I am sure you have observed from our discusion that there is no universally agreed definition of youth. 1. Across counttries, a youth is defined by age, 2. Definition of youth differs from place to place, 3. Different organisations define youth differently.

The possible reasons why age is used to define youth: 1. Statistical use, 2. For planning purposes, 3. Delivering youth specific developmental programs.

Apart from age, youth can be defined by functional ( ability) and socially Constructed ideas ( status and behaviour.

Dynamism of young people:

1. Young people are not necessarily homogeneous (same)

  But heterogeneous ( different).

2. Certain skills are necessary to manage young people's

  Heterogeneous nature-empathy,
  Communication and conflict management.

Let us now shift our focus to rights now.

Tandeo2011 (talk)07:57, 16 February 2011