Defining Rights and Decent Work

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Hi Class! What goes up must always come down. You have been a wonderful class I have learnt a lot. Hope you too have picked lessons from our session.

I leave with summary of our discussions: 1. Young people's rights are human rights, 2. Africa Youth Charter provides for youth rights, 3. Decent work means opportunities to obtain decent

  and productive work,

4. Four pillars of decent work- employment creation,

  Social protection, standards and rights at
  Work, and governance and social dialogue,

5.Youth workers are partners and not experts, 6. Values you ought to adhere to and defend when

  working with young people-resposibility, respect,
  fairness, non-favouritism and discrimination,
  honesty, and boundaries, and 

7. Young people's power and influence-

  Dynamic character, creativity,readiness, and
  Hope you have enjoyed the session and
  see you in Zambia!
Tandeo2011 (talk)07:02, 17 February 2011