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Hi Helena,

I agree always good practice to budget a little. There is some method in my madness to keep Learning4Content within the realms of volunteerism. Having organisations commit something up front, for example a contribution in kind for a computer lab is a way of sifting out committed organisations and individuals and subsequently contribute to the long term sustainability of the project.

We won't get every educator on the planet to buy into the idea of free content - but if we can target the 5% who will - we'll achieve a free curriculum by 2015.

We just need to be clear for the purposes of Learning4Content that we do not create the expectation that COL will be funding full costs. We will be paying a flat-rate honorarium of about $1000 for a three day workshop equivalent.

I think the pre-workshop task - eg completing a printed handout about themselves is a good way to get folk to have content available when they upload their user profiles.

Chat to you soon. Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)08:16, 31 October 2007