Culture is understood by living it.

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[Carnality, touch, affect, movement, quietude, no barriers in the midst of drums]

[Shh! Silence flows, don't let words disrupt. Only in silence perception & consciousness arise to glimpse harmony.]

I had clearly misunderstood, so sorry for this! I can´t avoid congratulating you on the beauty of this second post.

Joined the G-group; governance seems not to be in my line, but use is so widespread it is sometimes hard to tell.

Curiosity is bound to kill this cat! Still, only through Otherness I can push my own boundaries to develop awareness and empathy to enhance reflection. Hopefully I´ll sometime know something; in the process I try to introduce every new tiny bit into my daily practice.

Mine is expressive & doer Spanish culture, not ideal to grasp Vedic Tantra, but keen on learning more!:) I´m currently into performance & experiential research applied to social sciences/cultural studies (hybrid/interdisciplinary). Not sure of how I could contribute, but glad to try.

Some multi-layered experience with outsider/insider issues. I can´t but agree.

Newbie here so I´m not aware of the limits in terms of contents/etiquette :(.

Many thanks indeed for such an enlightening response!


Alexpreal (talk)02:06, 29 May 2008