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Great work Dana and Louise!

You've both presented really comprehensive plans. It's been great to read oer yours and re think some of the angles i am taking with my own planning.

Louise, you talked about "assessing the formative test participation and results of the students who participated" what exactly does this mean - what will this process look like?

Dana, I was looing at the questions you intend to use - how will you present these in your finl report? Will they be graphical/numerical results or will it be sort of commentary based?

Well done and good luck with the next phase!

Cheers Alex

AlexR-G (talk)16:50, 21 September 2010

Hello Alex,

Thanks for commenting.

I will try to include graphical and  numerical data results and written (descriptive0 analyses.

Hope I answered your question.



Dkarem (talk)16:47, 22 September 2010

HI Alex

Thanks for your response.  I am not very clear with that statement and thank you for picking that up.  This is what it means.  I can go into the multichoice formative test and check how many students participated simply by adding up the numbers.  That is a simple calculation that the test does automatically in the LMS.  Second, I can have a look how those students participated - that is how many got what percentage right of the twenty questions and analyse the questions answered e.g. how many chose A how many chose B howmany chose C and how many chose D.  Then I can look at the questions to see did all the students get a question right and if so - is the question too easy?  Did all the students get the same question wrong?  If so is the question ambiguous or poorly written or are the four possible answers too close to differentiate the correct answer.  In other words Alex, I analyse the results carefully and match the students achievement against the purpose of the multichoice test to assess the students' learning.  I could graph the results to show the overall achievement.  Thanks for your positive comments and good luck with your planning.  Louise

Dkarem (talk)16:40, 27 September 2010

HI Alex ,

Hope I answered your question :-)


Dkarem (talk)16:40, 27 September 2010