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I notice that a number of content links point to websites that contain copyright content which is not free. Its legally OK to have links which point to Web sites which contain open access content with all rights reserved.

However teachers will not have the rights to modify and redistribute this content - wouldn't it be better for us to develop free content alternatives?

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)00:21, 19 October 2007

ABSOLUTELY it would be better. That's actually part of the reason that coming to WikiEducator will be advantageous...there's already a community in that mindset. I already saw some mathematics resouces in WikiEd that I want to link to for the Uganda curriculum. However, as free content is being created and put on OLiVER, it seems like a great advantage to educators and students who are lacking resources and are new at searching the internet, to at least have a "best of" set of links for stuff already out there. will likely be a mix...with the goal of becoming more and more free content...

Rswells (talk)00:21, 19 October 2007