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Hi Mark,

As always - well-founded feedback. Thanks for that.

Yes, you need to create an account in the wiki to have editing permissions. (This is needed for legal attribution reasons for the Creative Commons licenses used on the site.)

Indeed, the strategic goals do have an "internal" focus, and in part reflects the current phase of OERu implementation.

I agree entirely with your overarching goal for the OERu to be "recognised as a credible and innovative provider of quality education". This goal is enshrined in the logic model - quality assurance and institutional accredition are the cornerstones of the OERu. Since the 1st meeting of founding anchor partners - being a quality provider was emphasised as a guiding principle for the network.

A key aim of the strategic planning consultation is to develop an integrated set of documents and I would suggest that we incorporate your overarching goal into the vision and mission statements of the OERu strategic plan.


  1. Suggested refinement of Strategic Goal #2: "Develop processes for OERu operations that underpin academic quality at scale" (See also comment by Marc Singer regarding replacement of "cost-effective" with "efficient".
Mackiwg (talk)11:46, 22 May 2014