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Comments from Jo Smedley (posted with permission).

I've read through the strategic goals and they seem logical and reflect the stated purpose of OERu in terms of curriculum, collaboration and credit bearing awards.

So here's my question (not sure whether it fits in with one of the existing goals?): I wondered how the communication of OERu will be progressed with the various transworld audiences? Maybe this runs as a theme underlying all of them? We need to make sure that the philosophy of OER and the OERu is fully understood in various contexts. A communication strategy could be a crucial part of the developments to make sure that the various audiences are engaged with for maximum impact and also that the most appropriate communication tools, i.e. social media, webpages, wiki as well as more traditional approaches are used at appropriate times to best effect.

Mackiwg (talk)10:38, 26 May 2014

Jo thanks for your input.

Agreed - -developing a communication strategy is a crucial part of the developments.

We have established a Marketing, recruitment and communication working group - but its a little thin on the ground at the moment. However, your point is well made, we need a strategic objective for developing and implementing a communication strategy to feature more prominently in the strategic plan.

The need for communication strategy was also stressed at the OERu 2013 partners meeting and OERu council for CEOs -- clearly a gap in the current draft of the plan.


Include a strategic objective relating to communication strategy.

Mackiwg (talk)10:44, 26 May 2014