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This is shaping up well. If it is okay with you, I would like to just go through and make a few additions to give it more context in line with the OP directions, e.g., experiential learning, Maori Strategic framework, sustainability, open education - some of the strategic goals. I also have stuff about designing assessment that I can add.

I would also like to add the four-pronged learning design approach that we take: Content (resources), interactions/communication, activities (for engagement) and assessment. It is similar to Otara. What I am re-developing for CCEL could come in here.

I would like blended learning to come first as this is a strategic direction, then under that have the stuff about f2f and online.

I like the portfolio activity. I think we could also get them to think about their learners and who they have designed for and who they may potentially design for in the future. Also the factors in the organisation, e.g., strategic direction, that may lead to them being involved in learning design.

DONE (Pleft 02:15, 22 May 2013 (UTC))

Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)10:03, 17 May 2013