Comment on the diagram and study desk

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Hi Paul Wow! This looks great. The drop down arrow for the portfolio evidence is fab. I love it! I will run it by Hillary and Helen as well.

  • I think the study desk should be slightly wider and diagram slightly smaller.

To prevent a long long table can we have Getting started and modules 1-5 below diagram and modules 6-10 on the right? I think it would look better.

Should we have Portfolio assessment instead of possible Portfolio evidence? Again I will check with the others.

For the conceptual diagram I have a few suggestions.

  • Do we want Praxis or Practice?
  • Need to add - learning and teaching - this gives the emphasis our organisation prefers, e.g., Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework.
  • Instead of deliver - have Facilitate - again a preference of the organisation.
Bronwyn Hegarty (talk)10:07, 27 May 2013