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Hello! Love what you do, envy your User introduction and would like to be like you!! Best wishes and happy seasons A little gift for you, I made it!: Maternidad.jpg--
Luis A. Ordóñez V. 23:48, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

Lordonezv (talk)12:47, 18 December 2009

Luis, It is absolutely lovely. You have a wonderful idea there and have executed it well. So you work with wood a lot? Thank you so much for posting it for me!! --Katherine Bolman 00:12, 18 December 2009 (UTC)

Kbolman (talk)13:12, 18 December 2009

Katherine: which I could, only on sundays. But I enjoy it very much. If you go to my sandbox and watch my christams message will see my other work, here it goes for you, only the three main figures, the two playing music are from a friend. Regards LO Mio.JPG

Lordonezv (talk)14:31, 18 December 2009