Closing thoughts and reflections

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Thanks so much for the learning opportunity offered by this course, and for the encouragement and support along the way! One of the things that attracted me to the course was that it was only over 10 days. I felt I was able to make that committment and have managed to keep up with the play, in most instances. I did find that the tasks took longer than the suggested 20 minutes or so. Sometimes my "or so" extended to hours as I wrestled to get things right. All good learning though! I do feel as if I have only just started to develop familiarity with WikiEd, so I value the ongoing access to the tutorial pages so I can revisit them in my own time as needs be. I think I may have over commited myself with my Wiki Project, and I would have appreciated some further guidance around small achievable projects that we could have embarked on. I will endeavour to pursue my project however, one way or another. There was a small community of us from my workplace participating in this course, whch made things interesting, and I would recommend having colleagues participate together for both motivation and support. Thanks to the EIT Hawkes Bay team! Thanks too of course to the WikiEducator team that have made this learning opportunity possible.

Debznz (talk)16:57, 4 August 2010