Child labour and youth enterprise

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Hi Mui, I strongly believe that there is need for child labour considerations in youth enterprise.

My position is based on the fact that the children are potential youth who are expexcted to be the adults of tomorrow.With the attendant deprivation,physiological and anatomical deformites occassioned by prematuer exposure to streneous activities,the child labourer is more likely to graduate from childhood to adulthood,by-passing the youth stage of devvelopment .This should not be the case at all!

The child worker in the picture must have lost the joy of childhood already and sees himself as an adult.His perceptions and orientationt about life must have change, having found himself conciously or unconciously in that situation.

His parents may have not engaged him consciously,or might have engaged him in order to sustain the family trade,or as an apprentice in the spirit of "catching them young."

Either way we look at that scenerio, the childsmith stands a greater risk of being infected by the deadly gas from the Blacksmith's shade.It is quite a pity!

Luckyluka (talk)04:30, 5 March 2011