Changing Dynamics of MBA

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It hardly surprises one anymore to find out tens of B-schools located in every locality of the popular metros in the country. In fact the buzz as of now revolves only around IT and Management. However, since the beginning of the new millennium when management studies started to gain ground in the country things have changed widely vis-a-vis the global industry scenario. Today there are close to 2000 B-schools across the country and I am talking about only AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) recognized ones. With every management school promising six figure salaries, high tech courses on the lines of IIMs and free gadgets on enrolment, how do you select the right institute from the one based on empty promises? The answer lies in understanding the changing dynamics of MBA itself. When management first made its way into the country and a few years after that, every MBA graduate from any institute got picked up with fat pay cheques. However now with lakhs passing out each year, companies and the industry in itself has become extremely cautious hiring candidates who have set skills and work experience only. At Sikkim Manipal University- Directorate of Distance education we understand the changing needs of the time and have designed our course specifically. Instead of making empty promises and doling out free gadgets we encourage and assist students to work while they study with us. To further stay in sync with the management industry we have got faculty members with more than 15 years in the management field to formulate the syllabus and revise it annually to stay abreast with the market changes. Doing all this has ensured that our management students work for the best public and private sector companies. Thus, when actions peak louder than words, there is no need for empty promises. Sikkim Manipal University of Distance Education (SMU-DE) offers 5 different courses in the field of Management. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), BBM in Retail Operations (BBMRO), PG Diploma in MBA (PGDMBA), PG Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA), and MBA are the courses on offer. With heavy emphasis on skill sets and communication techniques, the courses offer you the luxury to study at your own pace and time. This is made possible by EduNxt, the award winning learning platform that supports video chatting with lecturers and industry mentors, counselling, online library and much more. This in turn provides you with ample time to work as well as study thereby increasing your educational qualification while adding on crucial work experience at the same time. These two when combined counts the most in today’s capitalist market. With markets reviving post the economic slump, India is going to see even more investments in the coming years. This will place a greater demand for management professionals who have the required skill sets and management experience so that they can provide the new company a solid grounding to start. SMU-DE believes in creating individuals who are ready to take on such a future and face any challenge thrown in the way. The big winner however will be YOU. For more information visit or or call on 1800 266 7979 (Toll free).

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